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Inspired By: SNSD "They Boys"

Thu, 12/22/2011 - 6:13PM by collegeinstyle 0 Comments -

For those of you who don't know, SNSD (소녀시대) - also known as Girl's Generation - is arguably the most popular band in South Korea. The girls are known for their amazing looks and upbeat, cutesy songs. Their new song "The Boys" shows a new edgier, sexier side of the girls and made it to the #1 spot on the Billboards K-Pop charts.

In addition to the catchy lyrics and energetic tempo, the music video is also beautifully filmed. It begins with a gorgeous Yoona decked out in a white gown and tall glittery pumps. Throughout the video, the girls appear in everything from edgy, leather pieces to Renaissance-inspired gowns.

Below are some looks inspired by the SNSD's "The Boys" so you can also "bring the boys out."



Inspired By: Jessica

SNSD Jessica Outfit "The Boys"

Cap sleeve top, £25
Sequin skirt, $49
Miu Miu leather clog, £150
Heaven Sent clutch bag, £25
Urban Outfitters white pearl necklace, $34

This rocker-chic look seen on Jessica is so easy to recreate and is perfect for going out in the winter. Pair a simple, flowy black top with a sequined mini (a wardrobe staple). Pair the outfit with some heavy pumps - thick heels and platform balances the look whereas thin stilletos would appear too delicate compared to the rest of the outfit.

Finally, accessorize with some glam and eye-catching accessories: I recommend spikes, studs, and sequins. This Urban Outfitters necklace achieves the perfect balance of feminity and edginess in an unconventional way by pairing classic pearls with metal and spikes. This glittery clutch (a much more inexpensive version of Alexander McQueen's Skull Ring Clutch) finishes the look - it's super easy to hold onto during your night out dancing and doubles as rings.

Inspired By: Yoona

Inspired By: SNSD Yoona The Boys


Inspired By: Sunny Sunny SNSD The Boys

Carolina Herrera scoop neck tank, £191
Miss Selfridge studded leather vest, £85
The Row stretch legging, $1,990
Stuart Weitzman glitter pumps, $355
Alexander McQueen leather clutch, $1,580
Mood necklace, £13


Beat Dry Winter Skin

Thu, 12/08/2011 - 6:40PM by collegeinstyle 0 Comments -

December is here, and in Chicago, that means chilling winds and sub-freezing temperatures. While apartment my is nice and cozy with the temperature always set to 80 degrees, that just translates to extra dryness in the air. As any fashionable college girl knows, moisturizing is essential to maintaining good skin and a clear complexion. And moisturizing is especially important in the winter.

Below are my Top 5 picks for keeping moisture in during the cold and dry winter months. Treat your skin well over winter break and start the New Year with dewy, glowy skin that looks like you just vacationed in the tropics.

# 5. Bliss Blood Orange+White Pepper Sugar Scrub

People often overlook the importance of exfoliation when it comes to taking care of their skin. The truth is, the first step to clear, dewy skin is exfoliation. Your skin is essentially a layer of dead cells. If you don't exfoliate, there's a layer of old skin acting as a barrier from allowing products to absorb. It's only after you exfoliate that the moisturizers and other products you apply can penetrate into your skin. With that said, over-exfoliating is also bad as it can dry out your skin and make you look like a blotchy mess. I would recommend exfoliating 2-3 times a week if you have normal skin and fewer than that if you have very sensitive skin.

Bliss is my go-to brand when it comes to scrubs because their scrubs smell amazing. The blood orange is incredibly refreshing and the sugar crystals leave my skin feeling luxuriously smooth and soft. However, at $36 per tub (which doesn't last that long), the price can be a little steep if you're on a budget. Luckily, it's easy to create this on your own. Take the recipe I have for the DIY Bliss Body Scrub and adapt it based on your personal preferences.


# 4. Ole Henriksen Truth is in the Eyes

While many women don't start using eye creams until their mid-twenties or thirties, I believe it's never too early to start investing in keeping wrinkles at bay (and if that means giving La Prairie eye cream to toddlers, so be it). Of all the various creams I've tried (Origins, Clinique, Dior, Chanel), this is my favorite because it's a peel and therefore doesn't feel oily at all. It comes in sort of a gel form and gets absorbed very well. Plus, unlike many other eye products which irritate my eyes, I don't feel any sensitivity from applying this product. It can be a little pricey at $65 for a little tube, but come on, all eye moisturizers are expensive. And a little goes a long way, so one tube will last you a long time.


# 3. Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream

I have pretty dry skin and I wash my hands a lot, so my hands get really cracked and dry in the winter if I don't make extra efforts to protect it. Yu-Be is a Japanese brand (and we all know that Japanese girls are very devoted to taking care of their skin and appearance in general) and this cream has a glycerin-based formula enriched with various vitamins. It is very heavy and oily so it's not the best to use before shaking lots of hands at a career fair, but it's great for repairing dry patches when you're vegging at home. It penetrates so deeply and is such a beloved product in Japan that my Japanese friends even tell me that it can prevent scarring and repair split cuticles!


# 2. Philosophy Hope In A Jar

The Philosophy Hope in a Jar is one of the cult beauty favorites. It's almost 100% oil-free and is packed with antioxidants and other natural ingredients that protect skin from environmental damages and radicals that are resultant from pollution. To be honest, I was not a fan initially because it has a very strange, plastic-y odor and did feel kind of oily despite that it's 99.9% oil-free. However, I fell in love with it after about just three days. It really does an incredible job of moisturizing my skin without making it oily. In addition, it brightens my skin, reduces previous acne scars, and has kept me from breaking out.


# 1. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair CreamUltra Repair Cream

I had never heard of the brand First Aid Beauty before this fall, when I noticed it receiving stellar reviews on Sephora. I was looking for a rich face moisturizer and my friend recommended it, so I decided to give it a try. I listed this as #1 out of the five products because I absolutely love this cream. It's really rich yet not oily. Since using it, my skin never feels tight or gets flaky anymore. I use it twice a day and I especially love putting it on after showering at night because it feels so rich and luxurious. Plus, it's an incredible value: for $28, you get a giant tube that will last you all winter.

I've become such a fan of First Aid Beauty - I also got their Ultra Repair Lip Therapy and it's also amazing. Can't wait to try out more of their products!


Have you tried any of these products? What are your winter skincare favorites?


Review: Sprayology Acne Tonic

Tue, 10/18/2011 - 10:27PM by collegeinstyle 0 Comments -

A while ago, I wrote a review on the Sprayology Party Relief - a wonder cure for the majority of my hangovers. Since Party Relief worked so well for me, I decided to try another product from the Sprayology line: Sprayology Acne Tonic.

To provide some background, I have pretty mild acne to begin with. Most of the time, it's nothing that some concealer and foundation can't fix. As for my skincare routine, I have been using Benzaclin - a prescription clindamycin and benzoyl peroxide lotion similar to Duac - for about three years and it's what I rely on most for keeping my acne under control. I get significantly more breakouts after a few days of not using Benzaclin so I make sure I always have a steady supply.

Even though I don't have a major problem with acne, I still don't like spending time putting on foundation and concealer every morning, so I'm always on the hunt for something that will give me 100% clear skin. Which is why I gave Sprayology Acne Tonic a try.

Sprayology is a line of homeopathic vitamin oral sprays designed to improve your health.Their website says that:

"Sprayology marries science and time-honored natural medicine with convenience and innovation to enhance healing and well-being naturally. Sprayology re-defines wellness and makes it easy to incorporate natural products into your daily life for better health naturally."

Sprayology's products are divided into four categories: Rejuvinates, Relieves, Restores, and Rebuilds. Rejuvinating sprays include "Diet Power" and "Brain Power", Relieving sprays include "AllergEase" and "Party Relief", Restoring sprays include "PMS Suppert"," Acne Tonic", and "PMS Support", and Rebuilding sprays include various multi vitamin and mineral supports.

Unlike Party Relief, which produces results in about one or two hours, Acne Tonic requires long-term use to have an effect. It requires two sprays under the tongue three times a day and is supposed to reduce acne in under a month.

For one thing, having to carry the bottle around and use it three times a day was kind of a hassle. In addition, unlike Party Relief, the Acne Tonic has quite an unpleasant taste.

The bottom line: after almost two months of using this product, I have yet to notice any changes to my skin. Unlike Party Relief, this was not a product that worked well for me. I will keep using it until I finish the bottle and keep you guys posted.

And finally, if you are also suffering from acne and want to give the Acne Tonic a try, go ahead! Because acne is something that is so different from one person to another, just because it didn't work for me doesn't mean that it won't work for you.

Have you tried any of Sprayology's products? How did they work for you?


Stila Travel Pallete 2 for $9 on Gilt!

Wed, 02/02/2011 - 4:23PM by collegeinstyle 0 Comments -

I was soo excited to see this and I can't believe it hasn't sold out yet.

So, Gilt is currently running a Stila sale (and it will be up for a few more hours) and there are some great deals, including TWO Stila Travel Palletes (Trendsetting in Tokyo and Fabulous in Fiji) for a total of $9!!! Sephora sells ONE pallete for $10 and they're valued at $65 each.

These palletes have warranted great reviews and I've been wanting to order them this week as a late birthday present to myself. But thank you, Gilt! So that's 8 eyeshadows and 2 convertible cheek/lip colors, a $130 value for just $9. Only drawback is shipping is going to take at least two weeks :(

In addition to the travel palletes, there are also some great tinted moisturizers and a few items from the Barbie Loves Stila collection, so be sure to check it out!


ASOS All American Girl Line

Fri, 01/14/2011 - 9:45PM by collegeinstyle 0 Comments -

ASOS - which stands for "As Seen on Screen" - is a Europe-based online clothing site and also one of my favorite online stores to shop from. Items range from Forever21 prices to high end designer pieces, so there's something for everyone. Plus, ASOS includes videos of models wearing each piece of clothing, so you really get a good sense of how something would look in real life.

Another perk is that now they offer free shipping both ways to the U.S. on all orders, so all the more reason to check out the site!

A recent addition to ASOS is the All-American Girl collection, which includes collegiate inspired pieces with a touch of flirty 50's flair. Below are some of my favorite looks from the collection.

The scarf and neutral top is super Parisian-chic.

A perfect look for lounging around, running errands, or attending a collegiate game.

Perfect for the girly-girl. I love the combination of over-the-knee socks with furry ankle booties.

A great going-to-class look. Teacher's pet, anyone?

This is probably my favorite look out of the whole collection and the one I would most likely wear in real life. Preppy, sexy, and school-girl chic, it's got the New England collegiate vibe.

An ensemble perfect for those warm, finals week days.

Nautical print flats done right.


Have you ever shopped at ASOS? What do you think of this collection?


Calypso St. Barth for Target

Mon, 01/10/2011 - 11:10PM by collegeinstyle 0 Comments -


I was so excited to see this!! I first heard about Calypso St. Barth from reading Gossip Girl - Serena is mentioned in one of the books in turquoise Calypso flip flops. Since then, I've always been in love with the brand for their beautiful, breezy, summer-perfect pieces.

Unfortunately, the price level (over $300 for most dresses) is too high for my budget. But thank goodness for Target! I can't wait for their launch on May 1, when Calypso will create not just a clothing line - but also a home fashion line - for Target. And best of all, prices start at just $1.99 and range up to $79.99


3 Zoya Nail Polishes FREE!

Mon, 01/03/2011 - 11:45PM by collegeinstyle 0 Comments -

Just found this guys: use code FB2011 at checkout and get 3 nail polishes for free at Zoya.com! This is a great deal because Zoya polishes are wonderful - long lasting and without the harsh chemicals found in most nail polishes. Just pay shipping and handling and you get 3 polishes for less than $7!

Here were what I picked up:

Allegra from the Sparkle collection


Harlow from the Matte Velvet collection (I've been dying to get some velvet polishes!)

Elodie from the Gossip Collection


I'm not sure when this offer ends so jump on the chance!


2011 New Year Style Resolutions

Thu, 12/30/2010 - 8:55PM by collegeinstyle 0 Comments -

Photo Credit: Style.com

1. Wear some fur.

Fur has become super trendy these past few seasons but I've yet to master the look. I'm totally loving fur vests and boots - such as the ones above from D&G fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear collection. This upcoming year, I resolve to save up and get myself a pair. Or maybe I can opt for a DIY version modified from this one.

Photo Credit: uggkelly.co.uk

2. Break away from Uggs.

I'll admit it: I love my Uggs. They're sooo comfy for walking around in the snow and keep my feet super warm. But I've been wearing leggings and Uggs just a little too often.

Photo Credit: truereligionbrandjeans.com

3. Fit into my skinny jeans from high school.

This is a hard one. I've indulged in way to many cocktails and foreign delicacies during my study abroad trip this fall. Time to start making healthy home-cooked meals and to get back to my fitness routine. Nothing quite beats the feeling of being able to slip on those skinny jeans from my high school days.

Photo Credit: forever21.com

4. Rock jeggings.

I've just recently gotten my first pair of jeggings and I absolutely love them! I got a pair of slim-fitting, dark-wash ones and they're fabulous: they're warmer than regular leggings and actually look like real jeans - only much more stretchy and comfortable. As for those who find jeggings extremely trashy, they're really not if you wear them correctly.


Photo Credit: fashionunder100.net

5. Channel a celebrity.

After studying abroad in Beijing, I've been inspired by Asian celebrities and Asian street style in general. Asian girls seem to put so much more effort into their looks. Possible options for celebrity inspirations? My top picks are Blake Lively, Olivia Palermo, and Kristin Cavallari.


Photo Credit: beautifulmakeupsearch.com

6. Wear more false lashes.

Another thing inspired from my study abroad trip as sooo many Asian girls wear false lashes. After several failed attempts, I've finally learned how to apply them correctly. I just acquired a bottle of the DUO dark tone eyelash glue and it's absolutely fabulous. Plus, I've discovered that false lashes make so much difference, even an inexpensive pair can make your eyes look amazing. Finally, falsies eliminate the hassle of applying mascara. They're a must-wear for parties and other special events.

Photo Credit: sephora.com

7. Experiment with make-up.

I tend to fall into a make-up rut - concealer, foundation, brown eyeshadow, shimmer lower-eye eyeliner, powder, and out the door. But with so many good make-up tutorials on YouTube (my favorites are Holly Ann Aeree and Michelle Phan), there's no reason not to try something new.

Photo Credit: lasplash.com

8. Only buy pieces that I really love.

My three closets at home is overstuffed with clothes, shoes, and bags, many of which I haven't worn in months. In fact, I don't think I've ever worn some of the stuff I own. I've been such an impulse buyer - buying a leopard print dress in case a Jungle Party comes up, buying something neon in case someone throws an '80's party. Time to clean out my closet and be more selective about my purchases!

Photo Credit: refinery29.com

9. Accessorize

They say accessories make an outfit, and I think that's often true. However, I'm usually too lazy or too rushed to accessorize. This year, I'll keep my jewelry, belts, scarves, and purses more organized so I can easily mix and match according to my outfit.

Photo Credit: fooyoh.com

10. Wear heels

Heels are amazing. They lengthen your legs, tighten your behind, and force you to walk more confidently. Time to suck up and pain and wear heels more often!


Party Perfect Nails Tutorial

Thu, 12/30/2010 - 1:40PM by collegeinstyle 0 Comments -

New Year's Eve is always a big night. In additional to that fabulous dress and those killer heels, you need a dazzling manicure to make yourself feel extra sparkly. This nail look below is what I'm sporting to my New Year's Eve party. This party-perfect look is very girly and fun and best of all, it is super easy to recreate.

Begin with a base coat of lilac nail polish.

You can also use a baby pink color or even a pinkish-nude polish.

I used PURE ICE nail polish in Desire You


Once the base coat dries, apply a dark pink or magenta color over it.

Begin from the bottom quarter of your nails.

I used ZOYA's Mieko

Next, apply a purple polish over the second coat.

Start about midway up your nails.

I'm using PURE ICE's Iced Merlot.

Finish creating the gradients by painting the tips of your nails with a deep purple color.

I'm using OPI's DS Extravagence.


Finally, finish with two coats of a clear, glittery polish.

This step is absolutely crucial as the glitter hides any imperfections and blends everything together.

I'm using ULTA's polish in After Party.

Products Used (in order from left to right):

PURE ICE "Desire You"
ZOYA "Mieko"
PURE ICE "Iced Merlot"
OPI "DS Extravagence"
ULTA "After Party"



  • Since you're working with lots of layers here, allow ample time between each coats for them to dry.
  • This look works best on long nails.
  • Don't try to make each layer perfect; the final coat will conceal any smudges or mistakes.
  • Feel free to experiment with other colors as long as they are in the same color family.


Hope you enjoy the look!


Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil Review

Tue, 12/28/2010 - 10:23AM by collegeinstyle 0 Comments -

Bare Escentuals is like the Holy Grail when it comes to mineral face make-up; their signature black-lid jars appear in all of my friends' make-up collections. While I have tried the Bare Escentuals Mineral Foundation - which has warranted great reviews and is indeed a wonderful product - what I'm most impressed with is the Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil.

I have combination skin that's pretty prone to breakout. My forehead, chin, and especially nose area gets really shiny a couple of hours after washing my face. Even if I apply matte foundation, those areas still get shiny. So I was super excited after receiving 10-day sample of the Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil (the original version, not the hydrating, SPF 25, tinted, or illuminating) with my order from Sephora. After just one day of using it, it has become a staple in my make-up bag.

The Mineral Veil is supposed to absorb oil and minimize the appearance of lines and pores without any chemicals that can cause build-up and be harsh on your skin. It's supposed to create "the ultimate, translucent "finishing touch" to your makeup," melting into your skin, "infusing it with softness and light, giving the look you see with a soft focus camera lens."

I use the BE Mineral Veil after applying concealer, the BE Mineral Foundation, eyeshadow, and eyeliner. Then I dust a thin layer of the Mineral Veil all over my face, concentrating on the areas that tend to get oily. A small amount of the product goes a long way. Unlike many other "mineral veils" and finishing powders that I've tried, Bare Escentuals' is by far the best. It really disappears onto my skin (unlike ones by CoverGirl and EverydayMinerals, which visibly sits on my skin) and it keeps my skin matte all day, something that nothing else I've tried has managed to do.

The Mineral Veil also sets eye-makeup in place, which is why I apply my eyeshadow and liner beforehand. But apply mascara afterwards just so the powder doesn't get stuck on your mascara-ed lashes. I don't use blush or bronzer, but if you do, they should also be applied before the Mineral Veil. To maximize the effect of the product, apply primer all over your face after you put on lotion and before applying anything else.

Have you tried the Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil? What did you think of it?

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