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Style Guide: Sleeping Beauty

Thu, 07/15/2010 - 2:06PM by collegeinstyle 0 Comments -
We all need our beauty sleep. When I was a six, I used to love staying up. If I made it past 10, it was a huge accomplishment. Now, during the school year, I treasure the precious hours that I have for sleep and is always fast asleep the second my head hits the pillows.

I know it's tempting to hop into bed the moment you get back to your dorm after an exhausting day, but think twice before you shut your eyes. As my mom taught me since I was a little girl: always wash your face and brush your teeth before you go to bed. Over the years, it's become a habit. No matter how tired I am, I always take a quick rinse in the shower, brush my teeth, and floss before I hit the mattress. I sleep so much better this way and I always wake up feeling clean and refreshed.

In addition to all that, I feel that the right sleep attire is also essential for a good night's sleep. Even though I think it's most comfortable to sleep in the nude, that's kind of impractical in a dorm setting when you have roommates and random fire alarms that go off in the wee hours of the morning. But instead of throwing on a big scratchy T-shirt and old shorts, imagine snuggling under your covers in a silk camisole, or laying down in a soft pima cotton baby tee. Audrey Hepburn never went to sleep without her nightie and signature eyemask in "Breakfast at Tiffany's", so you shouldn't have to settle either.

Below are three sleep looks that are stylish yet comfy at the same time. If that early morning fire drill were to take place, you'd be the best-dressed chick around. Plus, in case that cute boy down the hall comes knocking in the middle of the night to borrow a pillow for the even cuter prospie who's staying with him, you would be completely prepared.
preppy sleep set

This is a simple look that can be worn both in bed and when lounging around. Victoria's Secret is always my go-to store when buying pajamas and loungewear. Their stuff is always so comfortable and reasonably priced. Plus, their online store always has many styles on sale. Even though I never sleep in a bra, I added one to all these sets because I know a lot of people like the extra support.

The nautical-striped bra and boy shorts are so fun and preppy and the navy bra straps would look so cute peaking out under a tank top. Plus, these fuzzy baby-blue slippers are great to wear when walking around your dorm room.

princess sleep set

This bedtime look is perfect for the girly girl - or even if you're not, it's fun to get all pink and frilly every now and then. I'm personally a huge fan of Betsey Johnson's sleepwear - I have that pink bra and I absolutely love it - and this flowy chemise is beyond cute. Since this top is a bit see through, I chose pink bra and panties to match. I always find bra-and-undie sets too matchy-matchy, so I selected a lacy pink thong, which looks great with the pink bra but is still a very unique look.

Go to bed feeling like the princess that you are with this Holly Golighty inspired sleepmask and dream about your prince in shining armor.

sophisticated sleep slet

This look is by far the most wearable-outside-of-your-room look out of the three outfits. It's designed for the sophisticated city girl, something that Olivia Palermo from "The City" might wear inside her apartment. I find jersey tunic tanks so comfy and this piece from Tart Intimates also comes in turquoise and a very chic black tie-dye print that would even work as a going out top. For some extra indulgence, lather on lavender-vanilla scented body lotion from Bath and Bodyworks' aromatherapy collection.

Another bonus that comes with this outfit: if you forgot to set your alarm and wake up late for class, just throw on your favorite pair of leggings and you're good to go! No one would ever know that you just jumped out of bed minutes ago.

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